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The Story of the Elm & the Raven

Our Ethos

Once upon a time, nestled between the ancient branches of a towering elm tree, there lived a raven whose ebony feathers glistened in the sunlight filtering through the fog.

The artist in her studio caught glimpses of this unlikely duo, the Elm and the Raven. To her, they embodied the essence of a world where creativity danced with nature and adventure beckoned to those who dared to dream.

In the heart of this enchanted place in the southern wilds of Tasmania, where the whispers of the wind carried tales of magic and wonder, a sanctuary emerged. Here, amidst the gentle embrace of the Huon Valley, The Elm & the Raven found its home—a haven where artistry thrived, fueled by the boundless energy of the natural world.

At the core of our spirit, there lies a deep reverence for the untamed beauty of nature and the creatures that call it home. Our values embody a commitment to the wellbeing of animals, beasts of burden, companions, predator & prey. Majestic beings like horses, who embody the spirit of freedom and grace, partnership, trust and strength. Emma, founder of the Elm & the Raven, has a deep connection with them. She dreamed about them as a child and has dedicated a part of her professional life to their welfare as an adult.

Our values

But our story doesn’t stop there. It intertwines with the threads of fantasy and the allure of the hero’s journey—a call to arms for those who dare to defy the status quo and follow the path less traveled. At the Elm & the Raven, we believe that true fulfilment lies not in conformity, but in the courageous pursuit of one’s passions and the unwavering trust in one’s intuition.

We are guardians of creativity, advocates for expression, and champions of kindness in a world often dominated by greed. Our mission is simple: inspire imagination, embrace wonder, and cultivate appreciation of the natural world.

The Elm & the Raven is more than a brand; it’s a testament to human resilience, forged in adversity and illuminated by hope. It celebrates authentic living, embracing tough choices for a well-lived life.

So come, wanderer, and journey with us through the enchanted forest of possibility. Let’s heed the call of adventure, honour nature’s wisdom, and unleash our boundless potential. Welcome to The Elm & the Raven—a sanctuary for the soul, where magic awaits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Chances are, it’s been asked before. Visit our FAQs for quick and easy answers to common inquiries. You’ll find information on shipping, returns, product care, customization options, and much more. Get the details you need to make your experience with The Elm & the Raven seamless and enjoyable.

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The Artist Behind the Elm & The Raven

Emma Coombes

Emma is a photographer and visual artist committed to preserving the natural beauty of wild Tasmania. Through her work, she aims to raise awareness of the profound impact our surroundings have on our wellbeing, sense of community, and creativity. Influenced by her years on the island and its ancient landscapes, Emma’s process and concepts are deeply rooted in her connection to Tasmania’s wilderness.

Her artistic vision invokes contemplation, inviting viewers to enter ethereal realms of myth and storytelling. Emma’s photographs are imbued with subtle moods, reminiscent of dreams and childhood yearnings. Mirroring the beauty of nature, her images offer stolen pauses that reignite our sense of wonder and awareness of both beauty and danger. She seamlessly merges reality with dream states, using the fantastic to evoke awe in our existence

By merging reality and the subconscious, nature and storytelling serve as guideposts in her art. Through discernment and thoughtful consideration, she creates photographs that connect us to our innate sense of universal wisdom and compassion.

Working across photography, digital media, painting, and illustration, Emma emphasizes moments of awe found in nature and the inspiration, solace, and fulfillment that connection to place can bring.

Her first solo exhibition, “DEADWOOD,” was held at the Huon Valley Artbox and Hub Gallery in 2023. Emma’s work has been showcased at various exhibitions, including the Annual Huon Art Awards, Geeveston Art Show, Hobart Rotary Art Show, and the 2023 Regional Arts Network Tasmania Minds Do Matter exhibition.

In addition to her art practice, Emma is a passionate writer currently working on a fantasy novel series titled “Silverlight,” with plans to create an illustrated edition.


Your questions answered...

What shipping and tracking services do you offer?

We offer various delivery and tracking services to ensure your artwork arrives safely and promptly. Most orders will be sent by Australia Post and are recorded, tracked, and/or signed for upon delivery. Upon dispatch, you will receive an email confirmation along with a tracking number, which you can use to track your order on our website.

For very large orders, we may utilize a courier service. Any specific conditions regarding courier services will be clearly stated during the purchasing process. If you have specific preferences or would like to arrange a shipping service of your choice, we are more than happy to accommodate your request. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll work with you to ensure your order is delivered according to your preferences


Small unframed prints, unless otherwise specified, are shipped unmounted in reinforced cardboard envelopes. Mini prints are mounted and posted in padded mailing bags.

For larger prints, we take extra care by carefully rolling them in postal tubes with acid-free tissue paper to prevent damage during transit. Additionally, a waterproof sleeve is applied to protect the item further.

Mounted and framed works are packed flat with corner protection, insulating wrap, and cardboard packaging or boxing.

Please note that while we strive to ensure safe delivery, glass can be fragile and prone to breakage during transit. Therefore, glass will only be posted in rare circumstances and upon individual negotiation. We recommend arranging glazing and framing at your end for most prints to avoid any potential damage or breakage.

Most Elm & the Raven prints are designed to fit standard-size frames.

Are shipping costs included in my order?

Absolutely. All prices listed include shipping costs unless otherwise stated.

Can items be returned or exchanged?

Absolutely. Items can be exchanged or returned for a full refund upon receipt of the returned goods at The Elm & the Raven studios in Tasmania.

To initiate a return or exchange, please ensure that the artwork is carefully packaged in its original packing materials and returned within 14 days of receipt.

The Elm & the Raven will cover the cost of return postage for items that do not match the product description, are faulty, or are damaged upon delivery. For more details on returning damaged items, please refer to our FAQ section.

Please note that customers are responsible for return shipping costs if the return is due to a change of mind.

We recommend obtaining proof of posting when returning items and forwarding this information to The Elm & the Raven for tracking purposes.

For more information see our Terms & Conditions.

What should I do if my artwork arrives damaged?

If the artwork has been damaged during transit, please notify The Elm & the Raven as soon as possible and provide photographs of both the damaged item and its packaging. Please retain the damaged artwork until further instructions are provided, as the delivery service may wish to inspect it.

In this event, you may choose another artwork of the same price as a replacement. Alternatively, we can arrange a refund for you. For more information on our returns and exchanges policy, please refer to our dedicated section.

What if the artwork looks different from what I expected?

While every effort has been made to accurately represent and describe our artwork on our website, please note that colors may vary slightly on different monitors. Therefore, some color variation may be anticipated between the online representation and the actual artwork.

If the artwork does not meet your expectations upon receipt, you can return it for a full refund—no questions asked. Simply use the contact form to let us know of your intention. Send it back to The Elm & the Raven studio, and once we receive it, you will receive a full refund. For more details, you can review our terms and conditions regarding returns.


How will I know if the artwork will suit my space?

We understand the importance of selecting artwork that complements your space. At The Elm & the Raven, we strive to provide detailed descriptions and high-quality images of our artwork to help you make an informed decision.

Additionally, we offer a virtual consultation service where you can upload a photo of your space, and we’ll digitally superimpose the artwork to give you a better idea of how it will look. Feel free to reach out to us via our Contact page to take advantage of this service

Will my artwork come framed or will I need to purchase framing separately?

Most prints are unframed, allowing you to make framing decisions that match your personal taste and home decor. This also helps mitigate the costs of postage and reduces the risk of damage during shipping.

While most Elm & the Raven limited editions and photography prints are available unframed, we do offer a selection of framed works. For Tasmanian residents, we may even be able to arrange personal delivery of framed pieces.

Original artwork is always framed unless stated otherwise.

Print Quality: What materials are used in print production?

At The Elm & the Raven, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our work. Our pieces are crafted using premium materials, such as high-quality 100% acid-free archival cotton rag or professional glossy photo paper, along with top-tier Lucia pigment inks. All work is overseen by the artist before leaving the studio to ensure quality standards are met.

Detailed information regarding the materials used and the size of each work can be found on our product pages. Furthermore, every limited-edition piece is meticulously signed, numbered, and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its provenance and value.

How can I find the dimensions of my print or painting?

Each product description includes the size specification relating to the specific artwork. If product varations are listed, such as small or medium, the corresponding sizes will be listed in the description.

For printed pieces, the dimensions provided relate to the size of the paper upon which the artwork is printed. Prints are bordered with white space to facilitate framing and mounting, as well as to accommodate the signing and numbering of limited editions. Additionally, most prints are produced in custom paper sizes, ensuring compatibility with a variety of framing options.

Original paintings are delivered in the dimensions as specified, encompassing both the artwork itself and any accompanying mounting and outer frame dimensions.


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How is my Privacy protected?

At The Elm & the Raven, we are dedicated to providing quality services while safeguarding your privacy. Our privacy policy outlines how we manage your Personal Information, ensuring that it is stored securely to protect against misuse, loss, and unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. For more details, please visit the Elm & the Raven Privacy page.

Is my transaction secure and how do I pay for my order?

Prices are listed in Australian dollars and are automatically converted to your local currency during online transactions. You can use our currency converter, located to the right of the page, to review prices in the following currencies: USD, GBP, and EUR for customers outside Australia. Please note that orders placed outside of Australia may be subject to additional charges for customs, duties, exchange rates, and taxes.

The Elm & the Raven website utilizes Stripe, a secure third-party payment gateway. Rest assured that The Elm & the Raven does not retain or have access to your payment details.

For more information see our Terms & Conditions.

What materials are used for oil paintings?

The Elm & the Raven utilizes professional-quality premium Australian brand oil paints from Artist Spectrum, applied on a primed timber board surface. Each work is sealed with a Gamvar gloss varnish to enhance its longevity and vibrancy. Please note that individual paintings may vary, and specific materials used will be stated on the product page when purchasing.

Do you take custom orders?

If you’ve found an artwork but would like to purchase it in a different size or printed on a different surface. The Elm & the Raven can arrange custom orders upon request. Simply get in touch via our Contact page and let us know your requirements. We’ll be in touch to discuss how we can meet your needs.

How can I properly care for and display my artwork?

To care for your Elm & the Raven artwork, ensure they are kept away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. If they’re prints on cotton rag paper, consider framing them under glass or perspex. Handle artwork with clean hands, dust regularly using a soft, dry cloth or brush, and avoid hanging in high humidity environments. Additionally, use archival-quality materials for framing and mounting, and rotate artwork periodically to prevent prolonged exposure to light and environmental factors. Keep the artworks dry and away from areas prone to mould and condensation. 

Can I license and use Elm & the Raven images?

All Elm & the Raven artwork is protected by copyright, which belongs solely to the artist. Reproduction or licensing of any Elm & the Raven artwork requires express permission from the artist. If you wish to reproduce or license any Elm & the Raven artwork, please contact us via the contact page to discuss your request further

Does The Elm & the Raven accept commissions for custom artwork?

Yes, The Elm & the Raven welcomes commission inquiries. Please feel free to send any commission requests or inquiries directly to us via our Contact page. We look forward to discussing your ideas and bringing your vision to life.

Does The Elm & the Raven offer on-location photography services?

Yes, The Elm & the Raven offers personalized on-location photography services. Whether you envision a photo shoot on your property or have a specific location in mind, Emma is here to help bring your ideas to life.

Contact her directly via the Elm & the Raven Contact page to discuss your unique needs and to schedule a tailored photo shoot experience.

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