Image of Limited Edition print, Sprite
Image of Limited Edition print - The Beauty We Tread
Spider web in Winter original photography by Elm and the Raven
Print of Limited edition print, Dare
Image of Limited Edition print, Three Little Birds
Black and white Image of the Artist Emma Coombes

About the Artist

Emma Coombes


Emma is an emerging artist, photographer and writer, capturing nature and the wild places of Tasmania. Using stunning imagery to provoke the  imagination to create ethereal and moody dimensions, belonging to the realms of myth and storytelling.

Her work merges a creative and artistic interpretation of the world that exists around her.

Helping people to see things differently. A reminder of dreams, beauty and childhood imaginings. A magic mirrored in the beauty of nature. Stifled and forgotten in the quest for convention. Emma hopes to fan the flame of the unique inner light, guiding others to see and believe in their own authenticity and follow the call of their own inner magic.

Emma has a degree in Design and a background in Communications providing her with the ability to share ideas with others via the visual or written experience. She has exhibited works at the Annual Huon Art Awards and the Geeveston Art Show.

In May 2023 She held her first solo exhibition ‘DEADWOOD’ a collection of 16 images, displayed  at the Huon Valley Artbox and Hub Gallery.

A keen writer, she is currently editing the draft of her first novel in her fantasy series ‘Silverlight’ and has commenced work on the second. The novels inhabit a world where power lies in creativity and nature, she hopes to combine her artistic images with stories and landscapes depicted in the novels.

Images of Limited Edition Print - Silence
Image of Limited Edition Print, Boa
Image of Limited edition print, Decanting
Image of Limited edition print, Silver Birch in Winter Rain I
Image of Limited edition print, Death Lily
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