Tasmanian Mythic and Nature Art

Limited Edition Original artwork From Artist, Photographer and Writer, Emma Coombes

Located in the wilds of Southern Tasmania… Somewhere shy of the ends of the earth.


Opening the Elm & the Raven studio doors to the public 



A series of work created specifically for the Wild Island Threatened Species Project.


Celebrating the life of the Deadwood.

Limited Edition prints

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Art that brings the mythic beauty of Tasmanian nature home

Your portal to shop Tasmanian mythic and nature art limited edition prints inspired by the poetic beauty of Tasmania

The Elm & the Raven is the creative home of Emma Coombes. An artist who specialises in photography, digital art, painting and writing. Identified as Tasmanian Mythic. Nature entwined with enchantment and alchemy.

I present to you images that honor the power of imagination: Light, dark, beauty, chaos, dreams… and above all things… Nature.

Tasmanian Nature.

My work invites you to slow down and marvel at the beauty of things. I provide you with access to ethereal landscapes where you can pursue your deepest desires. Mythical places of natural wonder, arts that conjure folk and fairytales, sacred spaces for becoming.

Take home the natural magic of Tasmania in these works. I offer you a moment of awe and escape through my limited edition archival prints and original works available for sale.

Be welcome here, and free to explore.

Dare Tasmanian rainforest mythic nature print

Nature Art & Photography

Drawn to the rugged, wild beauty of Tasmania. A fairy tale terrain that conjures images of epic journeys battling elemental forces. Victorious quests that challenge our bravery.

My photographic work captures wild, sacred spaces through a philosopher’s lens. I travel to beautiful and remote locations to bring you riches from Tasmania’s ancient and mystical landscapes.

To capture mystical moments of Tasmania’s remote forests and untouched wilderness.

I design my works for you, the dreamers. You who tread gently on the earth and choose the road less travelled.Take home the natural magic of Tasmania with my limited edition archival prints

Tasmanian Mythic Art Prints

Are you drawn to story telling and mythology? The world of fairy tales, adventures, and fantasy made real. For you, I capture mystical moments and transform them into the stuff of dreams. Forged from deep within Tasmania’s remote forests and untouched wilderness.

I design my works for you, the gentle dreamers. You who tread lightly on the earth and choose the road less travelled.

I use composite imagery and digital paintings to transport you to worlds of fairy tale and folklore.

Nature’s narratives brought to life. The liminal spaces between enchanted forest realms. Stories told through creation that the camera won’t reveal. A felt connection.

Alive to possibility and connected to the sacred.

Original Paintings

Throughout the year I release oil paintings and other original artworks. You can purchase these works through exhibitions, online listings or by contacting me directly. By request, I will release limited edition prints of painted works for sale on archival quality materials.

For those of you who like a more abstract take on nature, youthful energetics and a brighter colour palette, these originals are for you. If there are no listed works or you have a personal project idea, you can contact me for commissions. I’d be happy to help you out.

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Cards & Mini Prints

Don’t feel quite ready to invest in a limited edition large print or an original?

Now, you have the opportunity to experience the captivating beauty of Elm & the Raven Tasmanian Mythic Nature art on a smaller scale. At a price anyone can afford.

Share in the enchantment of rainforests and ancient worlds, either for yourself or as a meaningful gift.

Immerse yourself in the magic of The Elm and the Raven.

The Elm & the Raven

Hi, I’m Emma, creator of The Elm & the Raven.

I use art, photography, and writing to create imaginative and atmospheric works that exist to transport you to faraway places.

I use nature’s beauty as my muse to create art that invites you to explore the profound tranquility of stillness.

Through a blend of photography, digital mediums, painting, and illustration, my work acts as a portal to connect you to your desires and the voice of intuition. I believe that nature and creativity hold the key to a contented existence, and my art serves as a lunar light to guide you on your path.

Embark on a voyage of sensitive exploration, where silence ignites wonder, and connection illuminates purpose.

Emma Coombes Creator of The Elm and the Raven. Tasmanian Nature artist
Image of limited edition Tasmanian Nature print, Sand Blaze
“In the wild places…
We find stillness”


Emma Coombes

Looking for a regular dose of calm?

Follow me on Instagram for a moody mix of nature imagery. Allow yourself a moment to escape. To explore beautiful imagery and spaces that inspire awe. A recollection of gentle things, childhood imaginings, and a belief that anything is possible.

I created this space as a chance for you to reconnect with your thoughts and emotions, too easily overshadowed by our busy schedules, stress, and obligations. I believe that amongst all the noise; we are being encouraged to ignore our independent voice. The voice that knows the right road to choose.

Through my art, I hope to offer you a chance to pause and take measure of your surroundings and choose your epic path and with it; receive the gift of living a more conscious life.

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