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Located in the wilds of Southern Tasmania… Somewhere shy of the ends of the earth…

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View the collections from the Elm & the Raven. Tasmanian Mythic Nature Art and Nature imagery. Evocative and liminal work.

Photography, digital art  & illustration. You’ll find it all here…

Natural Muse

Experience the allure of moody nature imagery. Dive into the Elm & the Ravens’ curated collection of limited edition photography prints. These prints capture the essence of nature’s glory.

From serene landscapes to dramatic vistas, each piece evokes a sense of wonder and tranquility. Click here to shop our exclusive collection.

2023 Huon Valley Studio Art Trail

In 2023, The Elm and the Raven opened its studio doors to the public. The event offering a unique glimpse into the world of Huon Valley artisans.

Explore the joy of this event and immerse yourself in the creative spirit. 

Australian Natives

Come play amongst the captivating world of Australian natives wildlife. Each piece captures the essence of our unique fauna.

Explore the collection now and experience Australia’s mischevous critters up close.


Celebrate the enchanting world of fairy tales and imagination found within the haunting beauty of dead trees.

Explore the solemnity and wonder of the Deadwood collection and journey back to this unforgettable exhibition

Where Light Converses with Shadow

Welcome to the Elm & the Raven, my creative business hub for art things gorgeous and moody.

I’m Emma Coombes, an artist specialising in photography, digital art, painting, and writing. Tasmanian Mythic is my signature style, weaving nature’s elements with story telling, enchantment and alchemy.

Immerse yourself in imagery that celebrates the power of imagination – from light to dark, beauty to chaos, dreams, and the eternal embrace of Mother Nature.

It’s bubblegum and darkness wrapped into one.

An Ancient Reign by Emma Coombes at the Elm and the Raven. Limited edition Tasmanian Mythic photography print

Wild Tasmania Nature Photography

Embark on a visual journey through Tasmania’s untamed wilderness.

Explore the Elm & the Raven collection of immersive Tasmanian nature photography. Showcasing the raw beauty and diverse landscapes of this wild & ancient island. Designed to bring to you the moody and ethereal energy of the unexplored wilderness adventure.

Lose yourself in the stunning scenery and unique wildlife. Discover the essence of Tasmania’s untamed beauty.

Gift Cards & Mini Prints

Explore greeting cards, gift vouchers, and mini prints, perfect for every occasion.

100% Australian Art

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Featured Works

I can warmly recommend the welcome to Emma’s studio, willingness to share her practice and then being so flexible in quickly and safely dispatching ‘The Traveller’, in spite of my time lag from first viewing to purchase!  I smile and feel more grounded every time I walk past her – she reminds me to stay brave.


Geelong, Victoria

I must tell you how much I am enjoying your great cards.
Because they do not specify any particular occasion I find they can be used for anything.
Your cards are a refreshing change from the usual designs. 
Your photography is really beautiful and the final printed cards are truly lovely…


Sydney, NSW

100% Tasmanian Owned and Operated

Emma Coombes

Artist and Founder

Based in Tasmania, Australia, I have a desire to make art that provides an opportunity to pause, wonder and ignite the yearnings of the spirit. Art that regulates the nervous system and supports slow and intentional living.

My work exists to connect you to your desires and the voice of intuition. I create art that serves as a lunar light to guide you on your path.

Read more about me, Emma, the founder of The Elm & the Raven and why I create art designed to help people attune to the knowledge within, to trust their instincts and find the courage to journey the road less travelled.

Emma Coombes Creator of The Elm and the Raven. Tasmanian Nature artist

Best Sellers

Looking for a regular dose of calm?

Follow me on Instagram for a moody mix of nature imagery, soothing colours and a bit of fun. Allow yourself a moment to escape. To explore beautiful imagery and spaces that inspire awe. A recollection of gentle things, childhood imaginings, and a belief that anything is possible.

I created this space as a chance for you to reconnect with your thoughts and emotions. I believe that amongst all the noise; we are being encouraged to ignore our independent voice. The voice that knows not only the answer to the question, but the question worth answering.

Through my art, I hope to offer you a chance to reflect, dream and take measure of your surroundings.

Choose your epic path…



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