Tasmanian Mythic and Nature Art

Explore Limited Edition Prints and Original Art by artist Emma Coombes

Located in the wilds of Southern Tasmania… Somewhere shy of the ends of the earth.

Australian Natives

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Australian natives. Each piece captures the essence of our unique wildlife. Explore the collection now and experience the beauty of Australia’s flora & fauna up close.


Celebrate the enchanting world of fairy tales and imagination found within the haunting beauty of dead trees.

Explore the mystique and wonder of the Deadwood collection and journey back to this unforgettable exhibition

Natural Muse

Experience the mesmerizing allure of moody nature imagery. Dive into the Elm & the Ravens’ curated collection of limited edition photography prints. These prints capture the essence of nature’s mystique. From serene landscapes to dramatic vistas, each piece evokes a sense of wonder and tranquility. Click here to shop our exclusive collection.”

2023 Huon Valley Studio Art Trail

n 2023, The Elm and the Raven opened its studio doors to the public, offering a unique glimpse into the world of artistry. Explore the magic of this event and immerse yourself in creativity. 

Gift Cards & Mini Prints

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The Elm & the Raven

Enchanting art for your home and workspace… Inspired by natural magic!

Wild Tasmania Nature Photography

Embark on a visual journey through Tasmania’s untamed wilderness.

Explore our collection of captivating Tasmanian nature photography, showcasing the raw beauty and diverse landscapes of this wild island. Designed for you to bring the beauty that beauty into your life without leaving the comfort of your home.

Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery and unique wildlife. Discover the essence of Tasmania’s untamed beauty.

Featured works

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Bring the beauty of Tasmania into your home

Welcome to The Elm & the Raven, where creativity is our life force.

Meet Emma Coombes, an artist specialising in photography, digital art, painting, and writing. Tasmanian Mythic is her signature style, weaving nature with enchantment and alchemy.

Immerse yourself in imagery that celebrates the power of imagination – from light to dark, beauty to chaos, dreams, and the eternal embrace of Tasmanian Nature.

Tasmanian Mythic Nature Art

Are you captivated by storytelling & mythology?

Step into the mystical realm of Tasmanian mythic art prints.

Delve into a time where fairy tales and folklore come alive, forged from Tasmania’s remote forests and untouched wilderness.

Experience nature’s narratives brought to life through composite imagery and digital paintings.

Embark on a journey of enchantment.

Best Sellers

The Elm & the Raven

Hi, I’m Emma, creator of The Elm & the Raven.

I use art, photography, and writing to create imaginative and atmospheric works that exist to transport you to faraway places.

I use nature’s beauty as my muse to create art that invites you to explore the profound tranquility of stillness. Sometimes with a dash of whimsy and childish fancy

Through a blend of photography, digital mediums, painting, and illustration, my work acts as a portal to connect you to your desires and the voice of intuition. I believe that nature, creativity and play hold the key to a satisfied life, and my art serves as a lunar light to guide you on your path.

Embark on a voyage of sensitive exploration, where silence ignites wonder, and connection illuminates purpose.

Sprite by Emma Coombes at the Elm and the Raven. Limited edition Tasmanian Mythic photography print

Be Transported...

My work creates space for you, to pause, to marvel, to dream.

Enter ethereal landscapes where desires roam freely. Experience mythical realms where folk and fairytales intertwine with sacred nature.

Bring home the magic of Tasmania with our limited edition archival prints and original works. Each piece offers a moment of awe, a chance to escape into realms of wonder and possibility.

Feel at home here… and free to explore.

Looking for a regular dose of calm?

Follow me on Instagram for a moody mix of nature imagery. Allow yourself a moment to escape. To explore beautiful imagery and spaces that inspire awe. A recollection of gentle things, childhood imaginings, and a belief that anything is possible.

I created this space as a chance for you to reconnect with your thoughts and emotions, too easily overshadowed by our busy schedules, stress, and obligations. I believe that amongst all the noise; we are being encouraged to ignore our independent voice. The voice that knows the right road to choose.

Through my art, I hope to offer you a chance to pause and take measure of your surroundings and choose your epic path and with it; receive the gift of living a more conscious life.

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