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Creative platform for artist, photographer and writer, Emma Coombes.

Located in the wilds of Southern Tasmania… Somewhere shy of the ends of the earth.


28 & 29 OCTOBER 2023

The Elm & the Raven will be opening the studio doors to the public as part of the Huon Valley Studio Art Trail. Come to the Valley to meet the artist, see works in progress, learn about the practice. The Deadwood exhibition will be on display with newer works and smaller, affordable prints and cards to remember your visit.



A series of work created specifically for the Wild Island Threatened Species Project.



Wednesday MAY 04 - Friday JUNE 03 2023

Celebrating the life of the Deadwood. A tribute to these evocative forms... as in nature and the imagination.

Limited Editions

Purchase limited editions - signed by the artist


The idea behind The Elm & the Raven was to construct a place that thrives on creativity.

Celebrating the imagination, light, dark, beauty, chaos, and above all things, dreams.

As an artist, I specialise in photography, composite work, painting and writing. But life as a creative is ever expanding. We continue to grow, add skills and techniques to our reportoire and examine the meaning of things. My aim is that this space be broad enough to encompass all of that. My growth as an artist and as a human being, navigating the obstacles of existence.


Like all things in life, this website is a work in progress, I hope you visit often and we can grow together as I build more pieces, create more art and share my ideas. We may ponder together the musings of life.


Be welcome here, and free to explore.


Brooding images of nature that encourage space and calm. I am attracted to stolen moments. Things that are lost and renewed with the passage of time. Ever changing, never the same. The seasons that pass, the passage of life and death, growth and decay.

Wild Landscapes

Drawn to the rugged, wild beauty of Tasmania. A place that I am blessed to call home. A fairy tale landscape that conjures up epic journeys battling elemental forces and quests that test our courage. A powerful muse for storytelling and creation.


Bringing to life the narratives of nature. The enchanted forest realms, the liminal spaces in between. Creating stories the camera won’t capture. The felt connection. Alive to possibility and connected to the sacred.


Evocative images that offer space for contemplation. Compelling us to silence and inner wisdom. Allowing access to the space between consciousness and the subconscious.

Art that drowns out the noise of a hectic existence.

Emma Coombes

The Elm & the Raven

An artist and photographer drawing from the evocative beauty of nature, I make images to invoke silence.

To pause for thought and reignite wonder.

Working in photography, and digital mediums, as well as traditional painting and illustration, my art offers a moment to connect to the journey and notice the details along the way.

I hold a belief that nature and creativity hold the secrets to a satisfied mind and the keys to a connected and contented existence.

The art that I create is not only an expression of this belief but a way to connect others to their path, activating sensitive and considered navigation through the world.

Image of limited edition print, Sand Blaze
“In the wild places…
We find stillness”


Emma Coombes

Looking for a regular dose of calm?

Follow me on Instagram for a moody mix of nature imagery. A silent moment for deep breaths, beautiful scenery and spaces that inspire awe. A recollection of gentle things, childhood imaginings and a belief that anything is possible.

I created this space as a reminder to make time for our personal inner workings, often overshadowed by to-do lists, meetings, and responsibilities. I believe that amongst all the noise, we are being encouraged to ignore our independent voice. Through my art and experience, I hope to offer a chance to pause and take measure of our surroundings to live a more conscious life.

Limited edition print - The Guardians
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