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Printed on museum quality cotton rag and archival inks.

Boa Mini Print

With a soft and feminine allure, Boa embodies sinuous scales and shimmering silver tones, evoking the seductive beauty inherent in the organic contours of the forest’s embrace. She echoes the essence of snake goddesses and woodland mothers, inviting you to delve into the enchanting mysteries of nature’s curves.

Wrapped in the supple texture of snake skin, the branch’s curves and contours come to life. Evoking the sensuality and grace of a. boa constrictor in motion, its languid shape enticing the viewer with its soft and feminine allure. With sinuous scales and shimmering silver tones, ‘Boa’ represents the evocative seduction found in the natural curves of the Deadwood.

Tasmania’s danger and beauty combined.


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Combining danger and beauty in equal measure, this artwork embodies the essence of Tasmania's untamed wilderness, where danger lurks amidst breathtaking beauty. Be drawn into the hypnotic embrace of 'Boa,' to contemplate the delicate balance between allure and danger that defines the natural world.


  • 4x6 inch print size on Ilford smooth cotton rag 310gsm archival photo paper
  • 6x8 inch 4ply acid-free mat board with linen texture surround ready for framing
  • Open edition mini

The large version of this print is also available as a limited edition.


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