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Sprite Mini Print


by Emma Coombes at the Elm & the Raven

The sprite, with her delicate golden wings, stands poised at the water’s edge, her reflection shimmering in the amber ripples below.

Surrounded by the towering silver ghost trees, the Deadwood sentries, the water sprite finds solace and protection in their ancient presence. As she tentatively tests the waters, these guardians stand watch, shielding her from the dangers of the world beyond.

  • High quality archival images using professional photo paper.  
  • 310gsm Ilford Cotton Rag or 300gsm Canon Pro Platinum paper for gloss prints.
  • Genuine Canon Lucia inks
  • All print materials are acid free.
  • Cards are printed on premium silk card stock.
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    Limited Editions

    • Signed and numbered by the artist
    • Certificate of Authenticity


    • Printed on silk card stock
    • Premium off white envelopes

    Mini prints

    • A6 archival print on cotton rag
    • A5 Premium linen textured acid free mat framing


    • Framed in Tas Oak
    • Oil on board
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Sealed and varnished

    In stock

    Product Description

    Water Sprite Mini Print

    Crafted through a blend of photography composite and digital painting, ‘Sprite’ is a testament to the harmony between nature and magic. With its rich imagery and captivating narrative, this artwork invites you to embrace vulnerability and find refuge in the embrace of the natural world.


    • 4×6 inch print size on Ilford smooth cotton rag 310gsm archival photo paper
    • 6×8 inch 4ply acid-free mat board with linen texture surround ready for framing
    • Open edition mini

    This print is available in open edition card stock

    A large version of this print is available as a premium limited edition.





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