The Deadwood Collection

The Deadwood exhibition observes the beauty, artistry and inspiration present in bare, dead and dying trees. Rich with life. Homes for wildlife. Food for the forest. They are essential to biodiversity, the health of the earth and animal habitats, providing safety, security and comfort.

Never really dead they are becoming something else.

Over the centuries, fairy tales, beasts and mythical creatures have been borne of the dying forest. They fertilise our imaginations, conjuring towering, animated beings that aid and abet, obstruct and hinder.

Tasmania’s Huon Valley is full of the bleached bones of these towering sentinels and provided a rich source of inspiration for this series.


Run of 25 – Framed or print only. Available in 2 sizes

All limited editions come signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Printed on museum quality cotton rag, using archival inks

For information and details on the inspiration behind the collection…


Take home the magic of the forest

Limited Edition Collection

Printed on museum quality cotton rag and archival inks, these signed limited editions will last A lifetime

Image of Limited Edition Print, Boa


Soft feminine shapes, sinuous scales and silvery tones, Boa represents the evocative and languid seduction found in the natural curves of the Deadwood.


Image of limited edition print, Ghosts


Ghostly bleached trees reach and stretch before a blood moon eclipse. Dancing, writhing forms celebrating their claim on the eerie landscape.


Image of Limited Edition print, Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds

A favourite. These three friends shine together in the darkness, bringing hope and songs and stars to light the way through the black night


Image of Limited edition print, Butterfly Forest

Butterfly Forest

Chasing golden butterflies and dreams as they thread their way through the rainforest. A guiding light in the darkness, trusting the way forward. Do not fear the journey towards the unknown. Adventure awaits…



Image of Limited Edition print, The Traveller

The Traveller

This lone redhead in a sweeping red dress warms her hands at the fire. The journey is long and lonely for now, but the quest belongs exclusively to her, shaping her future and the fate of many. Is she part of the story of the Bloodstained horse?


Image of Limited Edition print, The Herald

The Herald

The Forest Raven watches all who travel the roads of his Kingdom. Telling and witholding, news, secrets and rumours. Who is his allegiance to?


Image of Limited Edition print, water horse

Water Horse

Borne of the water and the waves. Made from the freshwater within the forest, he rises where the rivers meets the sea. A natural portal for creation


Image of Limited Edition print, Sprite


This little water fairy tentatively tests the water. Surrounded by the Deadwood sentries sworn to protect and shield her from the dangers of men.


Image of Limited Edition print, Bones


Like fingers that reach, like knuckles and silvery claws. Beautiful and intricate. Dark and deep. These lines speak. These forms, beautifully reveal growth, striving. Life and development.


Image of Limited Edition print, Fruit of the Forest

Fruit of the Forest

A small village, a community. These golden mushrooms, rich in colour, contrast deeply with the dark shadows of their environment. Bronzed ferns drape their Deadwood home.


Image of Limited Edition print, Cheshire Quolls

Cheshire Quolls

Inspired by the Alice in Wonderlands’ Cheshire Cat, but instead replaced by a pair of our own little native cats the Quoll. Spotted, not striped, but equally mischievous.


Image of limited edition print, Silence


This moment, this quite place, you uncover a secret world. A portal beckons. A curved branch encircles the threshold into another time and space.


Image of Limited edition print, Tree Wizard

Tree Wizard

Tree Wizard sends a swallow as messsenger through a magical gateway orb. In anguish he feels the thunder of the enemy approaching through deep roots tapped into the earth.


Image of Limited Edition print, Dolphin Sands

Dolphin Sands

Driftwood as dolphins ride into the shore. The moon reflects a metallic sheen from their surface and the waters they play in. They travel together, on a watery odyssey.


Image of Limited Edition print, Eagle Moon

Eagle Moon

An eagle in silhouette flees the reaching tendrils of a deadwood branch as it escapes higher and further into the red night before a blood moon.


Image of Limited Edition print, Stag


A majestic stag is called forth from a piece of driftwood floating in emerald waters. The colour and detail in this emage evolves as you go deeper. The closer you get and the longer you look.



The Deadwood Exhibition 2023

An Elm & the Raven solo exhibition held during May 2023. Generously supported by the Huon Valley Council. The collection was displayed across ARTBOX and the Huon Valley Hub.

To read more about the event and the inspiration behind the images.

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